Professional translation fees

Professional translation services are provided by Enkel for businesses and individuals around the world. We are aiming for complete transparency in all aspects of our business, so pricing structures are transparent as well.

We will give you a firm translation quote in your initial discussion, and there will be no surprises when the final bill arrives.

Translation costs vary depending on several factors. Here are a few of those factors.

  • Supply and Demand – Languages that are commonly translated back and forth will have a lower cost than less common languages. For example, English and Spanish are frequently translated. There is a supply of many proficient translators available for these two languages. On the other hand, less commonly spoken and translated languages will demand a higher rate. If you are looking to translate from Swahili to Urdu, expect to pay more.
  • Content – Another niche service is the translation of specialized documents. Legal, medical, marketing or any other specialized content will required specialized translators, who will be in greater demand and can therefore charge higher rates. You are essentially hiring two skills, their translation skill plus their niche skill.
  • Urgency – Rush translations tend to require a premium fee to shorten the normal turn-around time.

The instant quote service will give you a general idea of what your document could cost to translate. This is based on the two languages and the number of the words you have in the document, only. Speaking to someone here at Enkel about the details of your documents will confirm the exact translation fees.