Translating text into a local language is an important first step when the decision is made to reach into a new market. Localizing the content goes beyond just a straight translation, and becomes an effective translation. The difference might not seem obvious, until you are faced with content that has been translated but not localized in your own native tongue.

Expanding into a new market is an important decision. It can be difficult to foresee all that may need to be translated in the future. Many materials are not considered at the outset.

  • Product manuals, instruction manuals, policy manuals, and other manuals used at other locations around the world.
  • Product descriptions.
  • Sometimes the names of the products themselves.

Native language experts supervise and implement our content translation process. The three step process called TEP, or Translate-Edit-Proofread provides flawless translations, every time. Our rigorous testing and selection process means we hire only those certified linguists who are qualified to provide expert professional translations, every time.

The linguists then team up with the localization experts. The localization experts understand exactly what is required to modify translations to match their local market. It is this localization team that develops the plan to assure that any translated content will be in harmony with all societal, cultural and the market values in the new target country.

The outcome of each project is checked by the LISA QA model to confirm documentation, function and any possible miscommunication in the translation. The finalized translation and localization services are held to exacting standards. Many of these standards are not considered outside of a rigorous lingual and cultural translation. We also check:

  • Grammar.
  • Trademark characters.
  • Accents.
  • Product consistency.
  • Formatting of every document, including web content.
  • Graphics.
  • Links.

We will transform your presence into the culture and language familiar to the people in your new foreign market. Our foolproof quality control and meticulous work systems provide translated content that is personalized to both you and your new potential customers. We will design a local version of you.