The financial industry has undergone massive globalization, now reaching to the farthest corners of our globe.  This has created a demand for language translation services within the banking and finance sector. Potential banking customers around the world must be able to access documents and information in their native tongue. Translation services perform a critical role to extend these financial services into new markets and to the local audience.

Financial organizations of all types are now expanding with staff on every continent, working to cater to the differing needs to new potential clients in these new markets. This is a highly competitive field where time sensitive translations are required for secure documents. There are several types of documents requiring translation we most frequently see in the banking sector.

  • Business reports, internal and external.
  • Bank transactions.
  • Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Trade agreements.
  • Shareholders Reports.

Enkel provides absolutely accurate translations of these financial documents. Within the CEE countries, the banks and other financial institutions are able to expand their market through effective use of translations into the local languages.