Marketing and e-commerce

Marketing is complicated in every language. Adding the layer of translation and adaptation to a local market makes it even more complex. Enkel offers quality translation of marketing materials, but also ensures that the new content continues to be convincing and persuasive, to fulfill the marketing goals of the original text. Our marketing translation specialists are not just good at document translation, they are exceptional marketing copy writers. They know how to use the power words the local market responds to, appealing to the sense of the local purchasing culture.

Enkel manages the translation, localization and adaptation of marketing materials of all types.

  • Website content, including SEO copy writing.
  • Print ads for newspapers or magazines.
  • Online ads.
  • Newsletters.
  • Direct mail campaigns, by email or on paper.
  • Business brochures and flyers.

Enkel has experience with marketing copy translation for several companies that have successfully expanded into CEE countries. You will see superb marketing results in these new marketplaces.


One of the industries most active for global translation services is the energy sector. Accurate translations play a key role for new market penetration.

Enkel understands that language and cultural differences around the world can hinder market penetration efforts. The local audience in a new market will often respond quite differently than home markets in any sector. The professional team of expert linguists here at Enkel have a wide range of experience working with diverse technologies within key global energy markets.

Our experts are able to translate documents promptly and accurately. There are several types of document translations we see frequently in the emerging market of the CEE countries.

Contracts of all types within the energy sector.

Copy for corporate websites.

Health documentation, medical files and reports.

Safety documentation, incident reports and policies.

Finance and banking

The financial industry has undergone massive globalization, now reaching to the farthest corners of our globe.  This has created a demand for language translation services within the banking and finance sector. Potential banking customers around the world must be able to access documents and information in their native tongue. Translation services perform a critical role to extend these financial services into new markets and to the local audience.

Financial organizations of all types are now expanding with staff on every continent, working to cater to the differing needs to new potential clients in these new markets. This is a highly competitive field where time sensitive translations are required for secure documents. There are several types of documents requiring translation we most frequently see in the banking sector.

  • Business reports, internal and external.
  • Bank transactions.
  • Profit and Loss Statements.
  • Trade agreements.
  • Shareholders Reports.

Enkel provides absolutely accurate translations of these financial documents. Within the CEE countries, the banks and other financial institutions are able to expand their market through effective use of translations into the local languages.

IT and programming

We at Enkel have an extensive lineup of satisfied customers in the programming and IT sector. We are known for providing high quality IT and Telecom translations services with the shortest turn-around times. IT and Telecom companies around the world deal in a highly competitive marketplace working to serve customers with innovative technology.

Enkel bridges the gap in the IT and Telecom industries to allow companies to move forward into new, international markets. Translation plus localization services for this technologically advanced sector require the ability to communicate complex specifications and technical documents in the local language, making even the most complex concepts understandable in the international marketplace.

Enkel offers superb, world class translations, regardless of the complexity or volume of the projects. Translations services completed by us here at Enkel will prove to be affordable, and with exceptional turn-around times.

Professional translation fees

Professional translation services are provided by Enkel for businesses and individuals around the world. We are aiming for complete transparency in all aspects of our business, so pricing structures are transparent as well.

We will give you a firm translation quote in your initial discussion, and there will be no surprises when the final bill arrives.

Translation costs vary depending on several factors. Here are a few of those factors.

  • Supply and Demand – Languages that are commonly translated back and forth will have a lower cost than less common languages. For example, English and Spanish are frequently translated. There is a supply of many proficient translators available for these two languages. On the other hand, less commonly spoken and translated languages will demand a higher rate. If you are looking to translate from Swahili to Urdu, expect to pay more.
  • Content – Another niche service is the translation of specialized documents. Legal, medical, marketing or any other specialized content will required specialized translators, who will be in greater demand and can therefore charge higher rates. You are essentially hiring two skills, their translation skill plus their niche skill.
  • Urgency – Rush translations tend to require a premium fee to shorten the normal turn-around time.

The instant quote service will give you a general idea of what your document could cost to translate. This is based on the two languages and the number of the words you have in the document, only. Speaking to someone here at Enkel about the details of your documents will confirm the exact translation fees.

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