About our services

  • High quality translation services are our specialty here at Enkel. We can transform your message to meet lingual, cultural and local societal expectations and understanding for your international markets and partners.


  • A key step in the expansion of your business into a new market is the translation of your copy into the foreign language. To localize the content to the culture of each new market is another crucial part in order to expand a business overseas. This is precisely what Enkel does. Enkel offers exceptionally high quality translation as well as critical localization services for any business that is looking to market in the Balkan countries. Our native language experts are there to supervise all of your translations and localizations in a specific language. This ensures the accurate translations that businesses require.


  • Our expert translation team is able to offer German and English translations into all of the common and less common European languages such as Bulgarian, Swedish, Romanian, Latvian, Bosnian, Croatian, and Hungarian.  We also offer translation into several other non-EU languages.


  • Based in Warsaw, Poland, our in-house expert linguists are very experienced in the integration of products into a new market, being certain to embed it both linguistically and culturally.